One Platform, Thousands of Uses

Cloud-Based Database Engine

Developed by Soleran, eAppTrack is the most advanced web-based database enginer available. eAppTrack allows our clients to create any type of online database they need using the simple tools provided to them in the platform.

Platform as a Service

(for non-developers)

The eAppTrack platform puts the power of Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) in the hands of non-developers. There is no code required to develop solutions that meet your business requirements and needs. Easily create forms, reports, dashboards and more with simple configuration tools designed for the most novice system administrator.


Today’s business moves at a blistering pace. The faster you can get up-to-the-minute information, the easier you can outsmart the competition. eAppTrack’s real-time reports and analytics help you do just that. Its cloud-based analytics tools offer you detailed analytics in real-time. That instant information may be just the edge you need to spot a trend, correct a problem or identify pretty much anything.

Data API

eAppTrack has an open source API which allows you tie into pretty much any application. We can provide you with the code that you need to integrate into other programs or we can develop into your existing databases.


You can access the core of the eAppTrack platform through any desktop with an internet connection.  Configure and use any part of the application straight through any modern web browser.  We even have high availability solutions for using eAppTrack offline on any desktop.


Sometimes it just isn’t practical to haul around a desktop or laptop computer with you to collect information you need in the field.  The tablet format gives you enough real-estate to collect information on a large screes in an easy-to-use layout.  Use eApp for the tablet for this specific function.


How about collecting quick data at a tradeshow on your phone or trying to do an inspection in a tight place.  The eApp for the phone is designed to use your phones great functions like the camera and gps to collect much needed data in the field.  eApp for the phone is the perfect fit.