So easy you’ll actually use it!

Most CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are complicated because they’re created by computer geeks. That’s why we used salespeople to create a CRM system that’s so easy, you’ll actually use it.

eSalesTrack is the cloud-based CRM tool that is all about easy. We automate many of your tedious tasks in sales, marketing and customer support business processes. Cloud based CRM makes information sharing is easy and automatic, so it’s simple for all the members of your team to get on, and stay on, the same page.

A few key details about eSalesTrack

A cloud based system that’s accessible from any web browser, so it is inherently mobile.

Provides collection and disbursement of data IN REAL TIME!

Built in analytics let you perform data analysis and generate charts and visuals on the fly.

Key information is displayed up front to give you instant access to announcements, appointments, tasks, contacts, forecasting, and reports.

Put your marketing in automatic

eSalesTrack is a great tool to keep your sales and marketing machine cruising along in automatic. It’s the perfect tool to put effective email campaigns follow-upilot.

  • Easily create drip email campaigns that automatically go out at the intervals you set in advance.
  • Create bulk email blasts that merge data and contacts from multiple databases.
  • Program selling tasks to go with your blast such as automatic scheduling of follow-up calls.

Make Your Success Automatic

As your company’s sales process becomes more sophisticated, it also becomes more complicated. It takes a lot of steps and a lot of attention to detail to keep your sales machine running smoothly. eSalesTrack makes your life easier by taking care of most of those steps, automatically!

Avoid Clogged Pipelines

eSalesTrack keeps your sales pipeline flowing by funneling leads AUTOMATICALLY to the next step in the conversion process. Plus, eSalesTrack gives you and your management an instant snap shot of how the sales funnel looks at any given moment so you can pin point opportunities early and spot potential bottlenecks and breakdowns BEFORE they cause problems.

Managers get to manage, sales people get to sell!

eSalesTrack gives managers the information they need early enough to help them steer their team toward success. Managing is much easier when you have a 360-degree view of your customers and team members, get instant reports about progress of campaigns, conversion rates and sales quotas. And since these reports are self-generated, salespeople don’t have to take their eye off the ball to report in and they stay focused on what they do best… SELL!