Soleran Professional Services

Few major corporate software solutions do much good without proper set-up, configuration, and training. Soleran offers a suite of professional services to ensure your solutions run smoothly from start to finish.

Soleran offers options for consultation, implementation, and training on your customized solution from our highly trained staff. If you are looking for more tailored solutions and help in improving your internal processes then a certified Soleran SME may be what you need. Whatever the situation, Soleran will align you with the appropriate resources to meet your specific needs.

Different Devices have Different Needs

The diverse eAppTrack platform has applications that span across many different types of devices. These devices, and corresponding software, have different functions and different purposes. Our professional services team, SME’s and consultants will help you design the ideal platform to meet the needs of the specific user in the field.

The eAppTrack web-based platform is designed for the heavy daily use from advanced and power users. Administration of the complete platform is handled through a web-based administration menu containing all the functions you will need to design the right solution. You can create your applications for your mobile devices, phones and tablets, right from the web.

Some functions are best suited for a light-weight phone or tablet that can be carried with you as you move throughout the day. These features work best using a touch-screen friendly interface. Your professional services team will help you find the right solution for the specific job you are trying to accomplish.


Custom solutions can become complex quickly without the proper workflow development and change-management process map. Our expert consulting team will be right by your side to ensure success for you and your organization.


Soleran consultants ensure proper scope documentation is completed prior to implementation. Soleran certified implementation specialists are trained in proper database design structure methods and implementation best practices to maximize workflow and rollout efficiencies.


It doesn’t matter how well thought out or how simple your solution is, if you don’t launch with proper end-user training. Users will understand small pieces of the overall solution on their own, but will likely never see the big picture without guidance.

Performance Improvement

If you have some questions or concerns about your business strategy, data collection process, or the proper way to collect information from a critical care patient, our certified SME’s and consultants have years of experience and can help ensure your ideas are on the right track.  Sales processes, medical quality and improvement, and workflow data process can become complex quickly.  Our experts know how to understand your greatest concerns and lead you to an appropriate strategy quickly.  Soleran has developed several business applications that help solve real-world problems, and you want to be sure those are implemented right, and that every user knows their role and how to use the applications.


Integration between eAppTrack and your other corporate systems can maximize efficiencies and limit redundancy like little else can. Writing web services using standard SOA protocols is pretty straight forward for the right developer but you’ll want to be sure the workflow is well thought out before beginning. Our integration partners work with our implementation specialists in developing custom work flows to maximize the power of your custom solution.

Simplify Common Tasks

There are always tasks that need to be completed by busy professionals that consume precious daytime hours.  Simple administrative tasks that can be automated, or greatly simplified by simply automating the process. Our clients often find other ways to accomplish tasks they never had time to do before. In fact, many automate those tasks so they now can focus on business growth strategies.