Our Story


“The culture here is amazing. Collaboration, efficiency, flexibility and respect…it’s all here.”

Soleran is a leading provider of cloud-based database and application services that automate real-world business dilemmas. Our service includes multiple applications built on our proprietary platform that automates workflow and provides integration between related business processes. We focus on creating business solutions by automating and standardizing business processes and aggregating data across the organization. Many organizations deploy our platform to create a single system of record for all existing corporate systems, aggregate data for business analysis and enhance efficiency. Additionally, our customers use our extensible API, and multiple mobile device skins to build custom applications for automating solutions unique to their business requirements.

Meet some of the Team

Will W.
Client Success Manager

Will looks out for you as a customer, making sure you get the most out of your tools!

Greg T.
VP of Sales

Greg works closely without clients to constantly develop new solutions to improve operations for our customers and potential customers!

Amanda H.

Project Engineer

Amanda manages the implementation and customization of our clients’ tools so they best fit their needs.

Ted H.
Business Growth Executive

Ted consults with potential customers by advising them on new automated solutions to transform their daily activities!

Our Mission

Soleran’s mission is to create simple applications that allow business professionals to be more productive by automating their common everyday tasks. Driving all information to an online database platform, Soleran can create virtually any type of solution to enhance your company’s efficiency and individual effectiveness. Information is everywhere and organizing the information that’s important to you in an easy to use format is our goal.

Our Philosophy 

At Soleran, we strive to be a model for other companies in all of our marketing, sales, ecommerce, and service capacities, actively evangelising proper software development principles. We do this for one reason: The customer matters most.

Our reputation is built on developing intuitive, enterprising applications that ultimately save our customers time and money. We dedicate ourselves to creating real business applications that truly work for a business professional, not add to their task list.


Soleran designs and develops all our software solutions from the ground up. The backbone of our product offering is based on the eAppTrack platform, a leading web-based database platform, engineered to allow non-technical users to design comprehensive solutions around complex business problems. There are several variations of the eAppTrack platform designed to meet the specific needs of certain industries without needing to start a solution from scratch.

eSalesTrack is a leading on-demand Customer Service Relationship (CRM) solution that can be tailored for any small- to medium- size enterprise. With eSalesTrack, data and analytics normally reserved for large corporations are available at affordable rates, enabling the comprehensive perspective on sales and performance upon which quality business decisions and plans are based.